Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Are you looking to hire? As of 2015, I'm open to hearing about opportunities whether they be contract or full-time. You can read more about my objective, inspiration, and motivation here.


UPDATE (August 2013)

For those interested in my mobile and device development skills, background and experience I have made a page just for those inquiring.


Download my most current resume:


If I'm not available (and you are not a professional recruiter I don't know personally) then I'm always willing to connect you from my network of peers who are actively looking for new opportunities.


I'm on linkedin if you want to connect there.


Scott Janousek -- I'm actively building this up.


Scott Janousek


Request a copy of my references


"Scott has done great work for us" -- Marina Umaschi Bers, Professor at Tufts University

"Scott has a decked-out space at Artisan's Asylum, and every time I walk by something new is moving, glowing, or blinking. Keep up the good work!" -- Gui Cavalcanti, Founder of Artisan's Asylum, Inc.

"Scott is the very example of what a new digital creative is. He is extremely knowledgeable about a mind bogglingly large array of digital solutions, from hardware hacks and electrical engineering problems to software solutions that are just hitting the cutting edge. He was a valuable asset to the Isobar emerging technology and R&D department in every way, and truly allowed Isobar to provide solutions to our clients that bring people and brands together, like never before. Scott and I worked together in a very similar fashion to how an "art director/copywriter" team worked in the Bernbach creative team model. We approached creative challenges, Scott as the creative technologist and developer, myself as the digital art director and design lead.  I'll miss every day working with my advertising partner in crime, but Scott is a catch for any agency or firm that really wants to stand out amongst the vanilla mediocrity that is most digital communication!" -- Josh Thomas, Senior Art Director at Ogilvy & Mather Advertising

"Scott is an intelligent, well versed professional who brings expertise to his clients and the development community at large. Scott has long been a proponent of advanced mobile solutions and understands the many facetted mobile market better than any other Flash developer out there.  I look forward to working with Scott on upcoming mobile solutions!" --Chad Udell, Managing Director at Float Learning

"Scott's activity in the Adobe communities is invaluable. His knowledge regarding Flash and Flash Lite is amazing, and if you happen to attend a talk, join a webinar or read a book from Scott, you'll be surprised by his deep and competent insights into mobile technologies and platforms." -- Alessandro La Rosa, Mobile Developer, Community Expert and Blogger

"Scott is easily one of the most knowledgeable people I know with regards to Flash Lite and Flash in general. I collaborated with Scott when writing Foundation Flash for Mobile Devices (Friends of ED), and he brought to the book a wealth of expertise on the subject and helped to turn it into a real reference on the subject. I would enjoy working with Scott again in the future if the possibility were to arise again." -- Richard Leggett, Director of Technology at Somewhat_

"Scott is a highly skilled developer and has experience in being the sole programmer on a project as well as working with a team of developers. He is detail oriented, responsible and great understanding of developing in a variety of programming languages as well as knowledge of graphic design and web development programs." -- John Collins, Global Manager, Dynamic Media Partners

"Scott knows his stuff and he's a hard worker. A pleasure to work with in the past." -- Michael K. Ganley, Principal Engineer at Aclara

"Scott is a great employee and a great guy. He has execellent technical skills and is a quick learner, and a pleasure to work with. I would like to work with him sometime again in the future." --  Anthony Vespa, Experienced technical architect, engineer and team leader.

"Scott is an excellent problem solver with a penchant for creativity. He is a self-starter and is a very dependable engineer. I'd welcome the chance to work with Scott again." -- Matthew B. Smith, President, Orchard Systems

"Scott is a consumate technologist. His love of technology allows him to see beyond the standard answer to arrive at a novel solution that brings greater value to the client. Scott is a team player with a strong sense of commitment to both the team and project." -- Thomas Clouser, experienced full lifecycle, full stack, software solutions engineer

"Scott was awesome to work with. If you wanted something done right, you went to Scott. Scott had a broad and deep view of technologies and could apply concepts from one to another. He was a creative thinker who came up with creative solutions to difficult problems. Scott can take something and run with it. For example the html/asp course he created from nothing to teach the junior engineers and creative staff. I would recommend anyone looking for a solid engineer to go with Scott. Given the chance, I would work with Scott again without thinking twice." -- Jeff Schneller, Manager at Envisa & Co-Founder at Mootus, Inc., a 2013 MassChallenge Finalist 


▪ 2007 Web Marketing Association's Web Award for Outstanding Achievement in Website Development: Trouble on the Tightrope-In search of Skateboard Sam 

▪ 1999 iXL Award for "most innovative idea" (i.e. Internal Training for New Software Engineers) 

▪ 1997 "Star Award" at Spinners Incorporated - Team Leadership, dedication, and Innovation


If you want to find out more about my endeavors, all you must do is goggle me, or take a look at some of my recent projects.

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